Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1st Blog

Well, this is my first blog attempt outside of the weebly website. With the second semester of the master's program in full swing and the lacrosse season about to begin, this spring will prove to be very busy. It will definitely be a juggling act. I have Monday night classes while my wife has her master's classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Add in work during the day and two puggles to take care of when we're home and my surfing time has just been reduced exponentially. Time management will be the key for me this spring. Either way, the train leaves the station evry 15 minuets with or without you. Until next time...


  1. Hey, Leo. Time management is the key, that's for sure. After the first few weeks of this program, I wasn't sure I would keep up, but good husbands are . . . good! Can little guys play lacrosse? I have a 5.5 year old and I have been advised to get him going in the game, but haven't really seen any little lacrosse leagues. Any advice?

  2. You have puggles? I first heard that word just the other day. Beagle/Pug mix? Pictures? I used to have Beagles.

  3. Hi Leo,
    I'm making the Comet rounds ... I also empathize with the time management challenge ... a friend of mine is in the last semester of her masters program ... she says you just have to keep your head down and not think about how much is ahead ... it will be worth the sacrifice!

  4. Leo, Time management is a biggie. For me, the darn TV gets in my way. I am moving in 3weeks so... I think I won't get TV turned on for a while. Force me to stay focussed.
    Try to make time for surf... it will make the rest worth the work. :)